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Permanent Staffing Solution

Regalia offers you recruitment support for permanent positions through the following activities: Retained Executive Search We would take on specific executive search assignments at Top-level management based on a through understanding of the job specifications, organization culture and other critical attributes required for the specific position. The assignment would be handled by our Executive search team with excellent network and experience to look for the right candidates for any given role. Our search team would specifically head hunt profiles and submit the same to the organization after preliminary interviews. We will give referral checks with detailed comments on the candidatesí profiles and maintain contact with the candidates till such time that they join duty.

Search and Placement

We would take on specific selection assignments at senior and middle level positions based on a through understanding of the job specifications, organization culture and other critical attributes required for the specific position. Regalia activities would involve resume aggregation from our databank, validation by way of preliminary interviews and reference checks prior to the presentation of final candidates to the client. We would maintain contact with the candidates till such time that they join duty.

Advertised Selection
We would take on specific advertised positions based on the urgency of the job and provide back-end resources for:

*Co-ordination for advertisement approval
*Release of advertisement
*Short-listing the resumes
*Conducting preliminary interviews
*Co-ordinate final interviews and Following up on joining
*Provide a structured MIS report on candidates based on resumes received, accepted, rejected and joined.

However, this would be for specific positions and not for mass recruitment on a large scale. For advertised positions the cost of the advertisement will be borne upfront by the client.

Temporary Staffing Solution
Temporary Staffing is when employees are hired to perform specific functions in a contractual relationship for a client company and for a predefined period of time.

The client entrusts the responsibility of finding candidates and puts them on the payroll of the staffing firm and assigns them to perform services. In this case the candidate shall be on the payroll of

The candidates shall be employed as contractual staff with us to perform specific functions in a contractual relationship for a client company and for a predefined period of time. Handling weekly, biweekly, or even monthly payroll is easily handled when a company is starting out - but gets exponentially more challenging as you add more employees Staffing needs may arise at times of contingent staff requirements Ė replacement for maternity and sick leave, peak workloads in administration, accounting, customer service and production, a technology project requiring a particular IT skill for one year and many others.

Factor in changing employee records and hours, tax withholding, various allowances and complying with multiple state regulations, and payroll processing can be the most stressful process.

Our payroll processing service can take on many of these duties for a surprisingly small fee being convenient, affordable and comonthly.mprehensive at the same time. Our service include calculating paychecks and tax obligations for each employee, printing and delivering checks, and providing management reports. Paychecks can be issued on any schedule you choose, from weekly to twice a month to EVS (Employee Verification Services)

To eliminate uncertainty in the hiring process and to encourage honesty in the application and interview process, it is utmost tool to generate more revenue in your organization. This tool reduces performance issues and low productivity. It also reduces hiring expenses, training cost, fraud by employees.

* Employment Background Verification is a process in which the specifics of an individualís past are revealed for the purposes of employment, obtaining access to classified information, or obtaining restricted items.
* Employment Background Verification is frequently conducted to confirm information found on an employment application or resume/ curriculum vitae.
* Employment Background Verification is conducted to differentiate potential employees and pick the best suited for the position.


* Employers have become painfully aware of the tremendous consequences of bad hiring decisions. EVS promotes a safe and profitable workplace. Itís an effective risk management tool that has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of a bad hire.
* EVS does not guarantee that every bad applicant will be discovered. Employers can not expect an in-depth and exhaustive CBI-type investigation. However engaging EVS demonstrates due diligence and provides an employer with a great deal of legal protection.
* EVS is aimed at how a person has performed in the public aspect of their lives. Items such as fraud records or previous job performance reflect how a person behaved towards others or discharged his/her obligations or responsibilities. It is not an invasion of PRIVACY or a sign of MISTRUST.
* Over 96% of HR professionals report that their companies do employment verification of new hires according to The Society for Human Resource Management Workplace Violence Survey.


* It reduces the followings:
Employee turnover and job dissatisfaction
* Hiring expenses
* Low productivity
* Training Costs
* Performance issues
* Troublesome and unqualified workforce
* Fraud by employees
* Litigation

* Dates of employments
* Employment gaps
* Last position held
* Reasons for leaving
* Punctuality
* Salary
* Any warnings or notices against the employee
* Consistency in employment
* Work performance
* Character
* Integrity

* Degrees earned
* Type of Degrees earned
* When the Degrees are earned
* Duration of Degrees
* Degrees in progress
* Authenticity of Certificates and marks obtained

* Bank Account
* Debit card statements
* Credit cards statements
* Sources of incomes and expenses
* Any Loans
* Any Insurance policies
* Any Assets or Liabilities

* Name
* Age
* Nationality/Citizenship
* Marital Status
* Family Members
* Address
* Relationship with family members
* Family atmosphere
* Social status
* Family bindings and acceptability
EVS is a time consuming and detailed task that requires highly specialized knowledge and resources. It is also subject to numerous legal regulations.

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